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Smoking, now that is something different

Last update : 2017/05/05|Text origin : SUNLIGHT - CHINA|Click rate : 794
I hold no brief for the tobacco industry or for any part of the smoking lobby. I fully accept that smoking is highly dangerous to the health of the smoker. I know that a large number of people, perhaps even a majority, regard smoking as unpleasant and they don’t want smokers around them.
None of this justifies the absurd persecution of smokers that is beginning to stink more than a pub’s worth of used ashtrays.
The retreat of smokers from offices, shops, factories and restaurants during the 1990s was broadly popular and widely welcomed. But why did the 2007 anti-smoking legislation have to ban smoking rooms in office blocks? The smokers who used them could not conceivably have been harming anyone else.
Why was it necessary to ban smoking in all pubs and restaurants, even those that wanted to provide a haven for smokers? The pretext for this was that it was important to protect bar and restaurant staff from the dangers of passive smoking.
Passive smoking remains no more than an assertion backed by the force of the nanny state. There is no serious evidence that people who do not smoke are harmed by tobacco smoke in the general atmosphere. It is just something we are expected to believe.
So, windproof ashtray is to give smokers a good safe haven.In the non-smoking area into the stainless steel ashtray, can deodorize, corrosion resistance, prevent soot and, this is our sunlight-china has been keen to production development of the cause of the ashtray, only the practicality of sharing for everyone is our tenet!


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