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Stainless Steel Canister Tea Caddy Container With Double Lid

Last update : 2017/11/20|Text origin : SUNLIGHT - CHINA|Click rate : 943
Tea has become one of the drinks in the world today. How to protect the tea from moisture?

In fact, the tea is easy to store, our double cover tea canister be very suitable to keep the tea fresh.The sealing effect is more rigorous than the ordinary tea pot design outside.In addition, they are suitable for all kinds of kitchen decorations.It's a practical and cheap gift.Transfer your favorite tea leaves to the jar for longer periods.Keep the original flavor of tea, seal, and protect the tea leaves from absorbing excess air, light and moisture.

The tea canister are made of stainless steel and are environmentally friendly and durable.The process is simple, make convenient, welcome to consult.


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